Angela first began her musical career in Primary School, learning to read music, and playing the Recorder.  She then moved on to become the only person in her secondary school who played Clarinet, she bought own for £65 when she left school in 1984 and still has it!

She started playing cornet but now plays Baritone in Thorpe Hesley brass band.

Angela says “Thorpe Hesley Brass Band is the first band that I have joined.

The first time that I blew down a Cornet was on Sunday 24th January 2010.  My first rehearsal was Sunday 5th September 2010.

I always wanted to join the Village Band but never got round to it.  The death of my Son made me realise that life is too short and go and do what you want to do.

I was also an extra in “Brassed Off”.  Fifteen minutes into the film when Tara Fitzgerald is playing “Orange Juice” I am a reported standing outside the union office.  You get two shots of me a total of 4 seconds but it gets people talking at parties. I am now completing my musical journey with the Thorpe Hesley Brass Band. Come and join us.”

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